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Entering the Expo, Toyota takes you back to the automotive society 20 years later

if the future trend is just looking, it only touches the surface. The main road is the same. For automotive society and mobile travel, the essence of the road to tomorrow is the way of return

we like to look far into the future, so there is a gentleman in Zuo Zhuan who knows the great and the far, and the wise man in Han Feizi will be far sighted and observant. With the acceleration of the pace of evolution of the automotive industry, the ability to foresee will determine whether car companies embrace tomorrow or fall tonight. Therefore, almost all mainstream automobile manufacturers have raised the banner of transforming travel service providers

the flags are hunting and blowing in the direction of the future wind, but the flag bearer's cognition of the general trend of the future is at the core. In line with the vision of exploring the automobile form and social ecology in the next 20 or 30 years, the first China International Automobile Expo has become an excellent platform for automobile enterprises to display forward-looking ideas and cutting-edge technologies

however, the promotion of realm needs to break through the unidirectionality of one-dimensional time scale. Who says the future can only be forward-looking? That car company, which once led the second automotive industry revolution, refreshed our cognition and imagination of future travel on the stage of the Expo, which made people suddenly understand the essence of traffic mobility from the immersive scene, and switched the outlook of the future to a kind of backtracking of the original intention. In the automobile society 20 years later, we should not only look forward to it, but also need to return. Look, hope, and rise and fall

after the CES consumer electronics exhibition, the traditional auto show ushered in another strong competitor

cars are definitely one of the most important protagonists on the stage of the Expo. A friend sighed. From November 5 to 10, 2018, the first China International Import Expo was held in Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center, with more than 20 vehicle companies and more than 40 parts companies pouring in. Like CES, it is not the name of the car, but it is dominated by the car. For automobile manufacturers, what is the difference between the China International Automobile Fair and the traditional auto show? Why can it attract more eyeballs? If you give the most concise answer in four words, it is to focus on the future

after the proportion of ICT Information and communication technology in on-board equipment has increased, consumer electronics has increasingly penetrated into daily car life, laying the foundation for cars to play the leading role in CES and attract the attention of the car industry. The Expo has opened a window for overseas enterprises to show the most advanced technology and cutting-edge concepts. Cars are an important node of the future IOT and a key carrier tool for mobile travel. The edges of the automotive industry and the technology industry have long blended with each other, and the wheels are heading for not only the destination in space, but also the future of mankind

the attitude of the participating car companies can catch a glimpse of the leopard. GM pointed out that unlike the products and technologies brought by the auto show, which tend to be practical, the Expo presents more forward-looking ideas and ideas. Volkswagen has always emphasized electric travel, connectivity, digitalization, mobile travel services and autonomous driving technology, even surpassing 25 new cars. Toyota Motor's purpose is more clear: to present to Chinese consumers the technologies and products accumulated in the fields of electrification, intelligence and interconnection, as well as specific proposals for the future mobile society. Sun Tzu's art of war says: if you count the winner before fighting, you have to count many; If the temple doesn't win without fighting, it's rare. It is particularly critical to take a long-term view and take a long-term view on the eve of the transformation and reform of the automotive industry. Transforming travel service providers is a slogan that everyone can shout, but the general direction has been set. If we can look further and cover more details, we can truly fulfill our commitment to embrace tomorrow

who understands the future best? The more intuitive the expression is, the year-on-year increase is 78.25%, which may better reflect the creator's in-depth understanding. Toyota, which has always been used to accumulate and be stable and silent, preemptively used scene expression in this fair to vividly describe the long-term travel and life mode for consumers

in the Toyota booth, the three exhibition areas of urban life, hydrogen energy cycle society and technology, and symbiosis with nature perform their respective duties, respectively, from the perspective of being close to daily life, technical interpretation, and paying attention to environmental protection and sustainability, they analyze the most advanced AI Artificial Intelligence technology, automatic driving technology, robot technology, and hydrogen fuel cell technology in simple terms. If it's just boring data, monotonous explanations and old-fashioned propaganda, how can we fully convey and express the concept of car enterprises? Fortunately, what comes into the eyes of the viewer is a vivid scene that is easy to substitute. One day in the future scene expression interpretation Toyota travel concept just after getting up in the morning, the human health robot HSR (human support robot) will deliver coffee at the head of the bed, and can also scan the health status of the elderly. Mobile e-bench, which plays a role in urban IT infrastructure, e-pal, which is used to ride and carry goods and guard minors, mobile e-round, which is used to take a casual walk on the street, e-calm 01, which provides medical treatment for the disabled, and cooperate with Sora hydrogen fuel cell bus to perform their respective duties under different travel needs. The new generation of e-palette, which is suitable for various service scenarios such as mobile, logistics, product sales, etc., can allow haircuts, ingredients, coffee and other services to all door-to-door. The mobile charger e-chargeair provides a platform to support the above travel. It creatively analyzes the sense of cutting-edge technology, the sense of future and the sense of immersive substitution. It lets us know that in more than a decade or even 20 or 30 years, travel will be in this form, and we can enjoy such full convenience, efficiency and comprehensiveness

before using the experimental machine, Beifeng suggested that everyone should carefully read the instructions. Tian selected the hydrogen fuel cell as the ultimate ideal model. In addition to displaying the Mirai, bus Sora, forklift, truck and other vehicle products that have been mass produced and listed at the end of 2014, the supporting facilities of the industrial chain such as hydrogen refueling station, biological hydrogen production and solar power generation, as well as the remote control/support interconnection technology and robot technology that work together with it, have been fully shown, Behind the flowers of new energy, there are huge and complex roots, branches and leaves. Only when thinking based on the future mobile society and technological reserves are at the forefront of the industry, can such a clear scene and systematic thinking be described. There are both opportunities for take-off and risks of collapse in the transformation of the automotive industry. A thorough outlook on the future will undoubtedly be a prelude to the transformation of mobile travel mode

prediction is about meeting and returning.

all mainstream car companies are doing their best to promote new energy, autonomous driving and mobile travel. If you compete in individual technologies, you will compete with each other, which is not surprising

however, Toyota, which is unique, has transcended the overall idea of traffic mobility and spread to industrial efficiency and natural and humanistic care. Toyota's vision of mobile travel life in the next 20 years is a reflection of the past and the future from the perspective of time dimension; From the perspective of clinging to the original intention, it is a return to simplicity, which is really a return to the future. Living and efficient at the same time is Toyota's tribute to the classic JIT concept. When providing mobile travel services to users with low industry concentration and responding to people's various travel needs, Toyota has always adhered to the essence of Toyota's production mode, the concept of just in time, which is precisely the spiritual core of lean production in the second automotive industry revolution in the past, It fully reflects the inheritance and development of Toyota mobile travel concept to classic thinking

in terms of the family life scene of the next day: after HSR scans the health status of the elders and sends the information to the family and the hospital, the doctor will send the rehabilitation training menu. The rehabilitation training assistant robot wellwalk and e-palette on-site service can reduce the burden of nursing staff. During the rehabilitation training time, nursing staff can pay attention to the rehabilitation training and enjoy barber services through e-palette, Minimize the expenditure of energy and time, or maximize the utilization of time

in terms of traditional values, Toyota's travel strategy is also advocating a return. On the one hand, Toyota's thinking extends to the field of environmental protection. It not only strives to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and solve environmental problems through vehicle technology, but also carries out afforestation, greening and agricultural activities with the group company. The Toyota production mode with Toyota characteristics will be applied to agriculture to provide support for the efficient production of safe and assured crops. The latest Internet technology developed aims to bring a rich and convenient mobile travel society to everyone in cities and villages

on the other hand, it has also transcended national boundaries and helped China build a blueprint for a future IOT society in which green water and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains; The premier's inspection and the improvement of China Japan relations have created new opportunities for Toyota's development in China. Toyota will take this opportunity to increase investment in China, accelerate the introduction of advanced technology products, and promote the development of China's automobile industry

the tribute to the classical thought of "harmony between the world and man" has narrowed the distance between foreign vehicles, but with the heating time, the distance between enterprises and Chinese consumers has been extended, making the concept of travel more popular. Toyota's travel range is not only limited to conventional traffic movements, but also covers targeted services for special groups to improve travel mobility efficiency and enhance the convenience and comfort of users. For example, e-calm 01 is targeted to serve the rural elderly with poor mobility. While providing high-quality medical care, it also informs hospitals and families living in cities about their health status

this is the original intention to return to the most authentic automobile traffic, so that human beings can get rid of the shackles of space and achieve higher dimensional freedom of movement, thereby improving the quality of life in an all-round way

foresee the future. On the stage of the Expo, with the efforts of major car companies represented by Toyota, it will become a wonderful encounter to meet tomorrow. The deep connotation is the retrospect of values and thinking mode. For the automotive society 20 years later, looking forward from front to back is the appearance, but returning from back to front is the essence. Sima Xiangru wrote in the book of expostulation and hunting that the wise man has foresight before he starts, so as to emphasize the importance of foresight to the future. Back to the future? already been there. Boldly broke through the one-dimensional nature of time. East and West, ancient and modern, the integration of wisdom from different sources, which is the reflection of Toyota's future travel concept

the future is coming. Look forward to the future and return to the future. We hope to reveal the future in advance, and we also look forward to the true return

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