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Shenzhen's 11th five year plan to build a first-class printing base in Asia (Part 1)

the 11th Five Year Plan for the development of Shenzhen's cultural industry draws a beautiful blueprint for the better and faster development of the cultural industry

building a leading central city of cultural industry in China

core tips

the Shenzhen municipal government recently issued the 11th Five Year Plan for the development of Shenzhen's cultural industry (hereinafter referred to as the "plan"), This is the first time that Shenzhen has formulated a five-year development plan for the cultural industry. The plan puts forward the development goals and main tasks of Shenzhen's cultural industry from 2006 to 2010, reform and innovation and opening up, structural adjustment and industrial layout, key projects to promote the industry, and policies and measures to support the development of the cultural industry with a set time less than the minimum plasticization time. According to the plan, during the Eleventh Five Year Plan period, Shenzhen's cultural industry will become an important pillar industry, and Shenzhen will become a leading cultural industry central city in China and internationally renowned

cultivate a number of leading cultural enterprises

promote the reform and development of newspaper groups, radio and television groups and distribution groups

the plan proposes to innovate the system and mechanism of cultural enterprises and institutions and cultivate large cultural enterprises and groups. Guided by the market, we should break down departmental divisions and industrial barriers, cultivate cross industry cultural industry groups that are competitive at home and abroad, and create a number of leading enterprises that can drive the development of the industry. Promote the reform and development of newspaper groups, radio and television groups and distribution groups, and realize scale expansion with the expansion of main business; Guide and support overseas Chinese town group, Tencent, universal digital, a8 music group, CCTV media and other enterprises with good foundation to accelerate the pace of development and expand the development space; Strengthen the integration of performance resources in the city and establish Shenzhen performing arts group. We will promote the transformation and restructuring of business cultural units and the reform of the property rights system. We will accelerate the transformation and restructuring of cultural units for business and the reform of the property rights system of state-owned cultural enterprises. Speed up the listing of Tianwei company and support the development and growth of ICIF company

The plan also proposes to deepen the reform of cultural management system and promote the reform of cultural investment and financing system. We will implement the policies and regulations of the central government and the State Council on the entry of non-public capital and foreign capital into the cultural industry, establish a market-oriented, diversified and open investment mechanism for the cultural industry, expand financing channels for the cultural industry, encourage all kinds of private capital and overseas capital to enter the cultural industry fields permitted by national policies, and encourage enterprises and individuals to set up cultural enterprises. We will strengthen the support of the capital market for the development of the cultural industry and support qualified cultural enterprises to go public for financing. Establish cultural industry venture capital funds and venture capital funds, and establish cultural industry investment guarantee institutions to provide financial support for cultural venture capital, project incubation and industrial development

independent innovation industry agglomeration projects drive brands to drive the development of going global talents

implement six strategies for the development of cultural industry

during the Eleventh Five Year Plan period, Shenzhen's cultural industry development implements six strategies: independent innovation, industrial agglomeration, project pull, brand drive, going global and talent development:

independent innovation strategy. Taking the opportunity of building an innovative city, we should vigorously cultivate high-end creativity, strengthen independent innovation, promote the deep integration of cultural industry and high-tech industry, use high-tech to promote industrial upgrading, enhance in-depth development ability, value-added ability and marketing ability, and realize the digitization of cultural resources, the networking of cultural management, the informatization of cultural undertakings, and the marketization of cultural industry

industrial agglomeration strategy. Combining new construction with the transformation of the "three old" and leading enterprises with major projects, we plan to build a number of cultural industry parks and cultural industry bases, promote the creation of creative industry incubators, strengthen the construction of public technology, services and information platforms for the cultural industry, form new cultural industry development clusters, form industrial clusters, and achieve intensive development

project pull strategy. Supported by key cultural projects, introduce and develop key projects that are conducive to improving the industrial chain, strive to introduce and cultivate cultural industry projects with high industrial level and good economic, ecological and social benefits, and attract domestic and international well-known cultural enterprises (groups), cultural intermediary organizations and research and training institutions to integrate headquarters or regional headquarters, high value-added manufacturing links, R & D centers The procurement center and service outsourcing base are located in Shenzhen

brand driven strategy. Make full use of Shenzhen's advantages in the field of design and high-tech, promote the link between creative design and manufacturing and service industries, and cultivate a number of cultural enterprises and cultural products and service brands with R & D capabilities and independent intellectual property rights

going out strategy. Take the path of international development, implement an active "going global" strategy, make use of the advantages of being adjacent to Hong Kong and Macao, strengthen the cooperation with the Pearl River Delta and Pan Pearl River Delta cultural industries, use wood plastic composites in landscape construction, build a large platform for the development of cultural industries, enhance the ability of cultural industries to participate in international cooperation and competition, support and encourage the export of cultural products and services, and form their own cultural brands, Improve the share and influence of Shenzhen cultural products in the international market

talent development strategy. Establish the concept that talents are the first factor in the development of productive forces, strengthen the development of human resources in the cultural industry, actively create an international platform for talent exchange in the cultural industry, improve the quality of talents and the marketization of talent resource allocation, establish and improve the talent flow, introduction, training, use, distribution and service mechanism in line with international practices, and create a cultural creative creative load that meets the development needs of Shenzhen's cultural industry The measurement and control of displacement has high accuracy and sensitivity for talents, cultural industry management talents and compound talents

to build a first-class printing base in Asia

the comprehensive strength of the newspaper group should maintain the top five in China

the plan proposes to optimize the structure of Shenzhen's cultural industry and give full play to its comparative advantages. During the planning period, according to the unbalanced development characteristics of the existing industry, we will implement the development strategies of the cultural industry with different emphasis. That is, optimize and consolidate the three strong existing industries in terms of resin development, including modern printing, cultural tourism, and craft beauty, enhance and expand the three well-established existing advantageous industries, including media publishing, performing arts and entertainment, and art training, focus on supporting three upstream and emerging industries, including creative design, animation and entertainment, and digital content, and cultivate and develop prospective industries with broad market prospects, such as yacht R & D and manufacturing, Form a group of advantageous cultural industries and gradually improve its share and influence in the cultural market at home and abroad

optimize and consolidate the existing strong industries, and the plan emphasizes the development of high-end printing. Take high starting point, high level, high quality and high efficiency as the guidance of industrial development, gradually realize the digital networking before printing, printing multi-color and high efficiency, post printing diversity, automation and high-quality serialization of equipment, promote industrial upgrading with high-tech means, master advanced printing technology, realize the transformation of traditional printing industry to high, new, special, refined and specialized, and comprehensively improve the core competitiveness of the industry. Vigorously promote the cooperation with the international high-end printing industry, actively introduce foreign capital, promote the settlement of international famous printing enterprises in Shenzhen, promote the reorganization of local enterprises, and promote the enterprise group and large-scale development of large-scale printing replication. Establish an industrial agglomeration base and improve the industrial concentration to realize the scale and structural benefits of the industry, and build Shenzhen into a first-class printing base in China and even Asia, ranking among the world's advanced printing regions

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