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Collection of the most creative and best used hardware tools

in our daily Woodworking (or mechanical) studio, we often encounter such problems. The existing tools are difficult to meet our own work needs, and some of the functions we need do not have suitable tools. How to solve this problem? Many brainy carpenter or maker friends have solved their problems through their own ideas or the modification of existing tools, greatly improving work efficiency and making our carpenter or maker activities more happy. Today, let's see what amazing things they have done without experiments! Let's enjoy it

1. Plate holder (one person can easily move the plate)

2. Deformation ruler (it can be transformed into various shapes according to needs and measure the targets of various shapes)

3. Trimming machine (engraving machine) working environment stress cracking resistance improved slide (convenient for stable engraving and milling of various shapes)

4. Wood cutting auxiliary tools (auxiliary for cutting wood at various angles)

5 Round pipe punching clamp (convenient for punching round holes with various apertures on round pipes of various diameters)

6. Saw positioner (convenient for accurate cutting when sawing)

7. Auxiliary pedal of front cover of car washing (to help facilitate the cleaning of automotive chemical fiber materials, not only the raw materials of clothing and home textile industrial fabrics, especially the front cover plate of off-road vehicles)

8. The trimming machine is equipped with a base plate and handle (convenient for trimming machine trimming and knife milling)

9 Large weight moving belt (an auxiliary tool for easy and safe movement of large objects)

10. Electric hand drill "extended arm" (convenient for drilling in places out of hand)

11. Saw blade height measuring device (convenient for measuring saw blade height)

12. Mortise milling device (convenient for milling mortise structure on wood)

13 Angle grinder electric circular saw (convenient for cutting steel plates in a straight line)

further improve the competitiveness of domestic panels

14, carpenter's convenient ruler (convenient for drawing lines on different surfaces of wood)

15, bench vice variable bending machine (convenient for bending small iron plates on bench vice)

16, cutting machine cleaning workbench (make the cutting machine free of dust before and after cutting)

17 Angle grinder variable table cutting machine (convenient to use angle grinder to replace cutting machine when there is no cutting machine)

18, electric drill variable table drill

19, electric circular saw auxiliary cutting table (convenient, safe, accurate cutting with electric circular saw)

20, iron bar changed into "fried dough twist" iron

21, special-shaped workpiece fixture

22, trimming machine changed into profiling engraving machine (changed trimming machine into profiling machine)

23, electric circular saw oblique cutting angle ruler

24 Large plate opener (convenient for safe and accurate opening of large plates with electric circular saws in the studio)

25, trimming machine fillet trimming auxiliary plate

26, ladder changing table

27, decoration heightening shoes

28, steel seal punching clip

29, bench drill changing into "lathe"

30, mortise template (convenient for milling mortise and tenon of various shapes)

31, storage method of several hand drills

, The above brain holes are full of unimaginable creative and easy-to-use hardware tools, which you may not even have heard of or seen, but these are the crystallization of the wisdom of hard-working craftsmen. Pay tribute to the industrious and wise craftsmen

: Wang He

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