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"World star 2005" packaging design award collection works

"world star 2005" packaging design award selection conference will be held in the Czech Republic in October, and now the collection of "world star 2005" packaging design award works will begin. The selected works should be sent to China Export Commodity Packaging Research Institute before July 31

it is reported that the requirements of the Organizing Committee for the works participating in the high evaluation of transmission accuracy are: the works participating in the evaluation must be packaging works designed in recent two years and have been put into use; The participating works have won domestic awards; The design is reasonable, the production process is excellent, the shape is beautiful and generous, the opening is convenient, and the performance of protecting and preserving the contents is good; The material selection is reasonable, the cost is economic, and the market benefit is good; Pay attention to environmental protection factors in material selection

participants need to provide a physical package of the packaging works, three digital photos taken from different angles (which can be sent by e-mail), a color photo (5 inches), and a text description of no more than 60 English words. The use of long glass fiber composites reduces the cost and weight of the vehicle and the Chinese description, and describes the characteristics of the works

its design is based on the standard gb/t3159-2008 hydraulic universal testing machine

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