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The color adjustment of pictures and group editions in small color newspapers (Part 2)

the group edition process is also an important aspect that affects the quality of color newspapers. The use of page colors affects the positioning, theme and style of the whole page. Although this is mostly decided, the typesetters must make rational use of colors and adjust colors appropriately, so as to reduce the time of color adjustment during printing and improve the printing quality of small color newspapers

1. The treatment of pictures in the layout

in the process of composing, the influence of picture quality is small, but it must not be ignored. First of all, don't easily enlarge or shrink the picture when composing. Reducing the picture will make the picture effect worse and output slower, while enlarging the picture will have a greater impact on the picture effect. If you have to change the size, you need to do it in the picture processing software. Secondly, pay attention to the embossing of the picture. The measured words can't be too much or too large by pressing the force sensor, amplifier and data processing system. Don't use negative words, otherwise the picture effect will be affected. In addition, the text and pictures should be kept at a certain distance, and should not be too crowded or too loose, which will affect the overall aesthetic feeling

2. Treatment of shading in the layout

in small color newspapers, the most difficult thing to print is a large area of shading, which is either inaccurate color or uneven color, which is mainly caused by the inaccurate color matching of printing technicians. How to use shading correctly and make it a reasonable part of the layout language is an important part of printing small color newspapers. First of all, the choice of shading color should be reasonable. For example, the visibility of yellow on white paper is low. If you use yellow shading, you need to use pure color (that is, a single color with 100% saturation), otherwise it is difficult to have high printing quality, and the impacted surface of 10 samples should be consistent; If there are black words in the shading, but the words have no edges, it is necessary to use less shading such as purple, cyan, green, red, etc. they are less visible with black words, which should be avoided. Secondly, in the application of shading color, we should use more sub pure color and pure color, and less complex color, because complex color is a four-color synthesis, that is to say, it needs four reasonable matching printing, which increases the difficulty of color matching in small color newspaper printing, making the color difficult to print accurately, and prone to color deviation. Thirdly, it is against printing color blocks on the text, because it will reduce the visibility of the text. If the font size is not large enough, it should be avoided. The background color of the text should be based on the premise that it does not hinder the reading of the text, so it is appropriate to have a certain length of small-scale text with a soft and light tone as the background, which has trained him to be brave to take responsibility and avoid using dark colors such as blue-green and blue purple

3. Text processing in the layout

generally, the text is black, because black is the most visible in white paper, and the color stimulation to the reader's visual film is the least, so that the reader's visual fatigue is reduced in the long-term reading process. If the text content must use colored words, it is generally suitable to use purple, cyan and other colors that are highly visible in white paper, and use less gray, red and other colors with low visibility. Basically, yellow cannot be used, because this color has the lowest visibility in white, and the color irritation is very high, very dazzling, and looks tired

generally, the font size of the title of the article is relatively large, and the number of words is small. In the use, press the "start" button on the touch screen with high brightness and high-purity colors, such as yellow, red, orange, etc., to attract the attention of readers. At the same time, from the perspective of printing, it is also easy to print. Of course, for the overall needs of the layout, you can also use some soft light tones

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