The hottest spot market of ethylene and propylene

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The spot market of ethylene and propylene monomers in Asia is soaring.

it is reported that the spot price of ethylene and propylene monomers in Asia soared this week, driven by the rise of international crude oil prices in early May. Although the energy price began to fall in the second half of last week, it was still higher than that in early May, which led to the rise of naphtha price, which was another factor in the rise of monomer market price

in this wave of market, the price of spot naphtha in Asia increased by $40/ton compared with last week, and CFR Japan also increased by $10/ton compared with the beginning of May. In the ethylene market, affected by the higher upstream cost price, we have our own evaluation standard for the quality of the experimental machine on Monday. The spot price has increased by $25/ton CFR Northeast Asia. In addition, due to the impact of downstream market demand, buying interest has also strengthened

on Monday, the spot propylene price in Asia rose slightly by $5/ton FOB South Korea, up $15/ton from last week. In addition to the factors of higher crude oil and naphtha prices, according to some market sources, Japanese catalyst will resume operation of the Jilu acrylic acid plant later this month, which may lead to a tight supply of propylene, although the exact restart date was not disclosed

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