The hottest spot market of domestic recycled metal

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Domestic renewable metal spot market quotation

copper: copper prices in Foshan market fell slightly today. In this cold and rainy day, the transaction was even more desolate. Affected by environmental factors, there is a shortage of Renewable Copper available for trading in the market at present. Under the condition that the downstream enterprises have the need to replenish the inventory during the pre replacement of the damaged organization period with a healthy organization, the holders have a strong reluctance to sell and a strong asking price, which has weakened the buyers' purchasing enthusiasm to a certain extent. At present, a small number of buyers in the market are interested in purchasing materials for the holiday, but most buyers are still cautious and wait-and-see. It is understood that at present, most factories and enterprises have entered the atmosphere before the Spring Festival holiday, production orders and the purchase demand for raw materials have significantly weakened, and the copper price is at a high level and there are signs of correction, making the market wait-and-see atmosphere more intense. At present, the material preparation boom in Guangdong market has not yet appeared

aluminum: today, the aluminum price in Foshan market fell moderately, and the market transaction slowed down. As the Spring Festival approaches, aluminum profile enterprises will stop production in advance and have a holiday, the downstream stock preparation is nearing the end, and the end of electrolytic aluminum inventory has become the trend of polypropylene futures delivery warehouse designated by Dalian Commodity Exchange for three consecutive weeks. With the launch of new production capacity one after another, it is expected that the inventory will increase in the later period. Wei and Zhang found that the materials they were looking for increased step by step, and the industry worried that there was still room for decline in the short-term aluminum price

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zinc: the zinc price in Foshan market fell moderately today, and the industry believes that this is a profit taking for yesterday's sharp rise. At present, middlemen and traders are generally worried that there is still room for correction in the short-term zinc price, so they are more cautious in purchasing, and there is no large-scale purchase, while the willingness of zinc manufacturers to purchase is still weak, so they are not in a hurry to prepare materials for the time being, and the overall market transaction is weak

stainless steel: today, the price of stainless steel in Foshan market is stable, and the transaction is relatively flat. As the Spring Festival approaches, the demand for stainless steel market is gradually shrinking, and the desire of recyclers to purchase is significantly reduced. Some businesses choose to purchase at a stable price, and the trading volume is relatively limited

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