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The power to strive! Sunjianzhong, vice president of XCMG machinery, won the title of "top ten excellent entrepreneurs" in Xuzhou City

the power to forge ahead! Sunjianzhong, vice president of XCMG machinery, won the title of "top ten excellent entrepreneurs" in Xuzhou

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on the evening of January 6, "the power of striving" - the third "annual figure of Xuzhou economy", "top ten excellent entrepreneurs" and "excellent private entrepreneurs" award ceremony was held

affirm the contribution of entrepreneurs, promote entrepreneurship, give full play to the role of entrepreneurs, and gather great forces to speed up the construction of new Xuzhou, which is "strong now, rich, beautiful and high compared with a few decades ago"

Zhou tiegen, Secretary of the municipal Party committee and director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress, delivered a speech, and mayor Zhuang Zhaolin read out the commendation decision. Wang Anshun, chairman of the Municipal People's Political Consultative Conference, Xu Dayong, deputy secretary of the municipal Party committee and head of the United Front Work Department of the municipal Party committee, Xia Wenda, leader of the rural work leading group of the municipal Party committee, and representatives of award-winning entrepreneurs and enterprises attended. Sunjianzhongrong, vice president of XCMG machinery and general manager of the hoisting machinery business department, won the title of "top ten excellent entrepreneurs" in addition to being applied to meet the requirements of the modified plastics market for the increasing promotion of packaging quality and quantity

Zhou tiegen pointed out in his speech how to choose the right manufacturer. If an enterprise prospers, the economy prospers, and if an enterprise is strong, the city is strong. I hope that entrepreneurs and employees will unswervingly focus on the industry, always maintain their determination to the development of the real economy, make the enterprise bigger, stronger and better step by step, and go further and more steadily on the road of pursuing excellence

it is reported that the purpose of the annual person selection of Xuzhou economy is to select outstanding entrepreneurs who have made remarkable achievements and made outstanding contributions in seizing project construction, strengthening scientific and technological investment, highlighting reform and innovation, promoting transformation and upgrading, and developing the private economy under the theme of "promoting entrepreneurship and promoting high-quality development". Through the selection and commendation activities, set a benchmark, drive the demonstration, create a social atmosphere that respects and encourages entrepreneurs to start their own businesses, encourage and guide the majority of entrepreneurs, especially private entrepreneurs, without using harmful solvents, to enhance their confidence, work hard, create a better development environment for the real economy, and make new and greater contributions to promoting high-quality development and accelerating the construction of the central city of the Huaihai economic zone

employee representatives attended the award ceremony and applauded XCMG

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