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Suning, Gome and will stage the "Three Kingdoms kill" in 2015.

this year will be a key year for Suning, Gome and The "Three Kingdoms kill" will be staged in 2015. This year will be a key year for Suning, Gome and

as a rising star, hopes to take advantage of the rapid growth of home appliance purchases to achieve the goal of tying with Suning and Gome this year and surpassing next year

however, Suning chairman Zhang Dongdong and Gome's landlady Du Juan recently showed their swords at their respective enterprise annual meetings. Zhang Jindong said: the overall scale growth target of Suning in 2015 should not be lower than that of its competitors, which is just like in the Stalemate Stage of marathon. What we need to do is to accumulate strength, expand the leading edge of strong categories, and achieve the corner transcendence of weak categories

in an interview in 2014,

Du Juan also stressed the need to seize market opportunities, including the integration of home appliance retail business in department stores, supermarkets and secondary market chain stores, as well as the expansion of communication business. The market demand of the times' assaying bolt torsion detector category is as high as 4.5 trillion. At present, we only account for 2.3% of the market demand rate, and there is huge room for growth

it is expected that the market of consumer electronics and township household appliances will be the focus of competition among Suning, Gome and in 2015, which was listed last year, has surpassed Suning and Gome in market value and total transaction volume, but there is still a significant gap between the sales of home appliances, especially large home appliances, and Suning and Gome

this year, the domestic home appliance market is relatively stable, and the e-commerce revenue of household appliances will grow rapidly. Zhongyikang predicts that the retail sales of domestic household appliances in 2015 will increase by 5.5% year-on-year, reaching 1.5 trillion yuan. Among them, the proportion of e-commerce of color TV sets will increase from 15% to 16% last year to 20% this year, and the proportion of e-commerce of air conditioners will also increase from 9% last year to more than 13% this year. Refrigerators and washing machines are also similar

Suning and Gome will accelerate the development of e-commerce and extend their original advantages in home appliance retail to online. Zhang Jindong said that since the third quarter of 2014, Suning online has accounted for more than 30%, and the increase in online growth has become the most powerful engine for the group's growth, which will help us quickly seize market share

Du Juan said that Gome, as the core strategic sector of the company now and in the future, on the one hand, should speed up the development of its own business, on the other hand, it should rapidly develop an open platform dominated by department stores. It is understood that Gome's target for e-commerce transaction volume this year is 12billion yuan

in addition to everyone's power purchase, the township market is another incremental market that Suning, Gome and jointly compete for

according to Yan Xiaobing, vice president of and general manager of the home appliance business department, the rural market contains half of the home appliance market share. will set up service stores in the township market to provide distribution, installation, maintenance and other services. It plans to have one store in one county, covering all districts and counties in China

Gome has carried out recessive and low-cost expansion in the third and fourth tier markets by hosting the retail business of different household appliances. Du Juan said that Gome has successfully cooperated with Dalian Yingkou Samsung electric appliance, Nanning Baise electronics and global electric appliance

Suning's rural e-commerce business is also accelerating, and it is expected to build 1500 township service stations in 2015

whether Suning and Gome, which want to go to heaven (develop e-commerce), or, which is eager to land (set up service stores), are inseparable from the support of logistics to do a good job in power purchase and go deep into the township market. It can be said that logistics is the biggest difficulty

Suning officially established an independent logistics group at the beginning of this year. Zhang Jindong said that after the launch of rapid delivery, half day delivery and three delivery services last year, Suning logistics will realize Socialized Operation in 2015 and accelerate the opening process to third parties and fourth parties. Du Juan also said that it is necessary to build Anxun logistics under Gome into a competitive company in the society, and realize the logistics service standards of three deliveries a day, accurate delivery and synchronous delivery and loading in more cities. is also courting regional home appliance chains and franchised stores of home appliance enterprises in the tertiary and tertiary markets to improve the township logistics system

supply chain support is another invisible difficulty in this competition. Gome and Suning have more experience in the supply chain procurement of major testing equipment as material laboratories and quality inspection departments, while is taking smart home as a starting point to make up for the lack of high-end goods in the supply chain

in the future, who will win, the steady Gome, the radical Suning or the rising star A senior person in the industry said that from department stores, supermarkets, national chain hypermarkets to the vertical e-commerce platform is the historical process of the evolution of home appliance retail. Suning and Gome are Big Macs after years of development. It is not easy for to surpass in the short term, not to mention that Suning and Gome are also developing towards the omni channel model. As for the old rivals Suning and Gome, the former has a larger layout and the latter focuses on its own business. The scale of Suning listed companies is larger than Gome, but Gome's current profitability is stronger. Therefore, it remains to be seen who can run longer on the next track

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