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Sun Bo, general manager of the China Bangladesh Paper Industry Research Institute, and his delegation visited Bangladesh to promote the assistance project of the "China Bangladesh paper industry national joint laboratory"

release date: Source: household paper magazine

on December, Sun Bo, general manager of the China Bangladesh Paper Industry Research Institute, led a four person project team of the "China Bangladesh paper industry national joint laboratory" to Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, Discuss and exchange with relevant project personnel of Bangladesh scientific and Industrial Research Council (bcsir), the Bangladesh cooperation unit, to promote the construction of joint laboratories, meet with officials of the Ministry of science and technology of Bangladesh, and visit the Bangladesh Paper Industry Association and local papermaking, especially China and Mongolia as close neighbors

on December 8, Sun Bo and his delegation went to the Bangladesh scientific and Industrial Research Council (bcsir) to have an exchange talk with Mr. ruque Ahmed, chairman of bcsir, on the implementation of the joint laboratory project, and exchanged views on the next step of broader cooperation based on the joint laboratory as a platform. Mr. MD. faruque Ahmed expressed his gratitude to the papermaking Institute for the scientific and technological assistance provided to Bangladesh through the joint laboratory project and the international training project. He hoped that this would be the beginning to further expand the cooperation between the two sides to the fields of papermaking, food, leather, household chemicals and so on jointly owned by bcsir and China Light Industry Group, and warmly invited Sun Bo and his delegation to visit the papermaking, polymer, leather, food Research and development facilities of energy and other sub committees. Subsequently, Dr. Han, the project leader of Bangladesh, led Sun Bo and his delegation to inspect the construction site of the joint laboratory, and conducted in-depth exchanges on the follow-up construction work and how to use the joint laboratory to provide scientific and technological services for local enterprises

On December, the project team inspected and investigated the production facilities of local paper enterprises Sunhong paper and Tanveer Paper Co., Ltd. in Dhaka, and held talks with the person in charge of production. Sunhong paper is a box board and corrugated paper production enterprise with waste paper in Bangladesh as the main raw material. Due to the poor quality of local waste paper raw materials and the limited level of production technology and equipment, the products have many problems such as adhesive residue and poor strength. It is hoped that the quality level of similar products made in China can be reached or approached through technical improvement. The project team of the instrument period used for the first innovation provided on-site consultation to the technicians of the company for the above problems, put forward improvement suggestions from the aspects of adjusting the screening and refining process, and the use of chemical additives, and agreed to provide further improvement plans after basic data analysis. Tanveer paper is the second largest paper-making enterprise in Bangladesh. It uses imported pulp as the main raw material to produce household paper, printing and writing paper, special paper and packaging paper. During this inspection, the two sides discussed the problems of the company's high energy consumption in the production of household paper and the inability to reach the design speed. The project team provided preliminary improvement suggestions from the aspects of improving the dewatering of the paper machine. After the factory inspection, Sun Bo and his delegation also visited the Bangladesh Paper Association and talked with the chairman of the association, mohamm, to determine the toughness of materials, ad Mustafizur Rahman, and key members. The association was jointly established by the most important paper-making enterprise owners in Bangladesh. During the meeting, members of the association generally hoped that the paper institute could organize Chinese experts and relevant enterprises to provide on-site training in production processes, equipment and chemical application technology for paper-making enterprises in Bangladesh

On December 11, Mr. yafes Osman, Minister of science and technology of Bangladesh, met with the project team. Mr. yafes Osman expressed his high appreciation and support for the joint laboratory project, and hoped that the two sides could work together to promote the mutual benefit and common development of the paper industry of the two countries through the joint laboratory, and promote exchanges and cooperation at the scientific and technological level between the two countries

On December, the project team was invited to attend the International Conference on "green technology in pulp and paper industry and related industries" hosted by bcsir. A total of more than 300 scholars from more than 10 countries including China, Sweden, Canada and South Korea attended the conference. At the meeting, Su Zhenhua, a member of the project team, made an invitation report on "mow fine screening residue recovery technology", and Tian Chao, an assistant to the general manager of the paper institute, was invited to preside over the pulping and bleaching branch

during this visit, the project team took the implementation of the "China Bangladesh National Joint Laboratory for paper industry" as an opportunity to form a basic understanding of the overall level and practical needs of Bangladesh's paper industry through on-site visits and exchanges, and mastered first-hand information, which laid a good foundation for the implementation of subsequent projects and more in-depth and extensive industrial cooperation based on the joint laboratory

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